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The Indian Aviation Industry has become the third largest and fastest-growing industry globally, on the basis of domestic tickets sold. It is on a flight that is never going to stop now. The Indian Aviation industry is flying high the way it never flew earlier. Best, it is expected to be the largest by 2030.

Having 91 International carriers, including 86 foreign and 5 Indian, India is heading for a major spur in the aviation industry. There is an immediate requirement of a minimum of 250 additional airports by this year, to cater to the growing demands.

Also, the Airport Council International (ACI) has projected India as the second-fastest-growing country across the world for passenger traffic.

This growth rate has created a massive and immediate demand of skilled professionals, who are expected to bridge this gap of demand and availability of skilled manpower.

This course is exclusively designed for training the students and the future aspirants to join the aviation industry as a cabin crew as well as in ground services of airlines. There are tools and training to provide basic knowledge of the travel industry and ticketing that would help them get a chance to work with reputed airlines and travel companies.

Opportunity Gateways

  • Cabin Crew (Air Hostess/Steward)
  • Ground Services at the Airport
  • Backend Reservation Staff with Airlines
  • Check-in Staff at the Airport
  • Airport Operations
  • Travel Agency
  • Customer Service at the Airport

Other Benefits

  • Opportunity to work with leading airlines
  • Travel across the globe
  • Lavish Salary Packages with amazing perks
  • Paid Holidays/ Vacations
  • Unlimited remuneration growth
  • Complimentary vacations worldwide
  • Discounted travel for family
  • Chance to get social with HNIs like celebrities, industrialists, politicians and many more
  • Glamorous and luxurious lifestyle
  • Enhanced personality/soft skills
  • A respectful, admirable and graceful career

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Job Opportunities

Ground Staff

Backend Reservation Staff

Check-in Staff

Airport Operations

Travel Agency

Cabin Crew

Customer Service

Ticket Generation